The Social Network Employers Love to Raid By Peter Coy
 Some of America‚Äôs smartest college students spend hours a day on Piazza.

Piazza Technologies is mostly unknown by the general public but it is popular among among computer science majors at top colleges.  Over 2.5 million students and professors use its free website to collaborate on computers, engineering, math.

The Palo Alto company has created an ideal space for tech employers and students to meet and is now is pitching itself to recruiters at less-sought-after companies as a way to find better candidates.

The company launched Piazza Careers where companies pay for access to students who opt in; employers can search for ideal students in their field or other criteria such as graduating students. The career feature is particularly appealing to companies that need talent but are unknown to the students.

Piazza is an alternative to other educational discussion tools such as Blackboard Learning. The bigger Piazza gets, the better the matches it can make and it has the potential to keep growing by presenting itself to students as one of the best ways to start your career.