Song NameBand AlbumLyric1Lyric2
OpiateTOOL, OpiateDeaf and blind and dumb and born to follow What you need is someone strong to guide you
Forty-Six & 2TOOL, ÆnimaMy shadow's shedding skinI've been wallowing in my own confused and insecure delusions
Third EyeTOOL, ÆnimaPrying open my third eye Came out to watch you play Why are you running away?
SchismTOOL, LateralusI know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall awayPoint the finger blame the other watch the temple topple over
The PotTOOL, 10,000 DaysKangaroo done hung the juror with the innocent Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo
Momma SedPusifer, "V" Is for ViagraSuck it up son of mine Thunder blowing up your horizon
The RemedyPusifer, Money ShotYou speak like someone who has never been Smacked in the fucking mouth That's OK we have the remedyShould you choose to react like an imbecile You'll in turn be treated so
The RapturePusifer, Conditions of My ParoleAbout to drop you like Cain Like Cain dropped Abel
The OutsiderA Perfect Circle, Thirteenth StepIf you choose to pull the trigger should your drama prove sincere Do it somewhere far away from here
JudithA Perfect Circle, Mer De NomsOh so many ways for me to show you How your dogma has abandoned you